The 411 on How to Pack




Going on vacation is fun; going on vacation to Legacy Vacation Club is even more fun! However packing, is a whole other ball game! Here are some tips to make sure that you have everything you need to get the most out of your vacation. After all, no one has fun carrying around their whole entire closet! Our pointers will guarantee to help you avoid any moments of packing panic and will start your vacation off in a stress free manner:


  • Get the best size suitcase for the amount of time that you are leaving – it’s a rule of thumb that if you bring the largest suitcase you own (even for a one weekend trip) that you will fill it. Plan accordingly to avoid under or over packing. You don’t need to pack light; you just need to pack right.
  • Take the essentials for wherever you are going (no you do not need 4 pairs of black sandals, one pair will suffice!). Bring shirts for as many days you staying along with a couple extra in case of emergency. Make sure to remember the following – phone charger, toiletries, undergarments, daytime and eveningwear. For the ultimate packing list – make sure to check out As an extra precaution, double check what your kids and your spouse have packed as well to avoid any mishaps.
  • Roll your gear! By rolling your clothing in your suitcase it takes up less room and avoids wrinkles! Just unroll, get dressed and go without the worry of ironing while on vacation.
  • Research the activities that you will be doing beforehand so that you will know what additional items of clothing you will need.
  • Make sure to bring a good camera! Vacations don’t happen everyday, take photos and capture your favorite moments so that you’ll be able to look back on them!


Bon voyage!