Legacy Vacation Club Launch’s Living Wage Initiative to Employees

On June 1, 2018, Legacy Vacation Club launched a new sustainability initiative.  All Legacy Vacation Club employees are guaranteed a living wage and per Legacy Vacation Club’s new policies, its managed associations provide the same guarantee for employees with two or more years tenure.  A living wage is the minimum income necessary for an employee to meet their basic needs. Needs are defined to include food, housing, and other essential needs such as clothing. The goal of a living wage is to allow an employee to afford a basic and decent standard of living.

Legacy Vacation Club’s goal is “to improve the life of our dedicated employees and become more socially responsible as an organization,” stated Jared Meyers, Owner of Legacy Vacation Club.

This program is just one of several sustainability projects in the works at Legacy Vacation Club. Stay tuned as we continue to provide our guests and employees the highest quality of service, experience and environment.