Legacy Staff Profile – Ronnie Russell, Indian Shores Resort

for-web-RRRonnie Russell,  Chief Engineer at Legacy Vacation Club Indian Shores

Ronnie Russell has been the Chief Engineer at Legacy Vacation Resort Indian Shores since December of 2003. “I was playing my guitar and singing in 2003 after 25 years in the electrical trade. One of the regulars at the bar I was playing afforded me a part-time position at the property,” Russell said.

One Russell’s first day, the gentlemen who afforded him the part-time position, said he had decided to leave the company. Before he was able to clock in he was given a raise, put on salary, moved to full-time and became the Chief Engineer. Almost 12 years later and Russell feels “The company [Legacy] has been very good to me over the years. They have allowed me to grow with the resort. I feel like the company appreciates my years of service and treats me with respect.”

A typical day for Russell includes managing the today to today preventive maintenance around Indian Shores as well as continuing to make improvements and renovations throughout the property to provide the best experience possible for guests. Russell states, “you can’t be in the hospitality business if you aren’t’ a people person. The staff members that we have and those that have moved on I will never forget. We have guests that have been coming to our resort every year for the twenty years of my service. I have made lasting friendships with many. I receive over a hundred Christmas cards a year from our guest.”

With Russell’s years at Legacy he was asked to describe Legacy in just three words: Commitment, Honest & Friendly is what he chose. “Legacy is creating a property that will be one of the best resorts on the barrier islands. The improvements are outstanding.”

When Russell is not in the office, he I still like to pick and grin on his guitar when he gets a chance and spending time with his bride who is 12 months cancer free, “what a blessing” Russell added. Guests would also be surprised to know that Russell’s dad was one of the top fiddle players in Texas and Russell played the banjo in his band when he recorded his one and only album in the late 60’s. He still plays a set of his dad’s original tunes 46 years later.