Benefits of Booking Directly With Legacy Vacation Club

Booking your families travel vacation can be a full-time job with researching, comparing and exploring various and endless possibilities. Vacations are meant to relax you, not stress you out. With Legacy Vacation Club, we provide several easy methods to not only take out the headache of planning, but to save you money as well. Below is a list of tips and tricks Legacy Vacation Club offers to better your vacationing experience.

Personal Touches & Details

When you book with an online travel agency, such as Expedia, Priceline, etc. there’s no way that they can accommodate your special requests because they are basically just acting as “vendors” of hotel rooms and they work with whatever rooms are available. By calling us at (866) 507-1429 you are helping not only Legacy Vacation Club get your details right, but you are given the highest quality of customer service experience by one of our expert service agents.

There could be occasions when you might want or have to make changes with your stay.  When you book directly with us, these changes are taken care of immediately.   If you had booked with an online site, they may not have the exact rooms or dates you need to make the change you want, and in some cases you might have to pay a higher rate for those new dates.

Legacy Vacation Club is looking forward to your visit and once you arrive at one of our eight Legacy Vacation Club destinations, it’s time to sit back, forget your worries, and be treated as our special guests.  If you booked through an Online Agency, they have already forgotten you exist let alone know if you have an anniversary or special occasion that weekend.

The Bottom Line – Cost

Even though online agency sites like Expedia and Priceline claim their rates are the cheapest, they’re actually the same or more as what Legacy Vacation Club offers on our website.  It’s also always a benefit to book directly with Legacy Vacation Club, so if a problem arises with your reservation or room; you don’t have to go through an online agency to resolve it.

Also, think you’ve found an unbelievable rate online? Give us a call. Chances are we would offer to match that rate.

Join Our Secret Deals Rewards Program

We know you don’t want to give out your email to just any website to just any deal, but with Legacy Vacation Club’s Exclusive Members rate, you sign-up to receive immediate access to our private rates that no other online agency or non-members would receive. To sign-up, just click on “unlock exclusive offers” button when booking your stay at one of our eight Legacy Vacation Club locations.

When Booking Matters

If you’re looking for a quick getaway and don’t have specific dates in mind, you’ll find the best deals on Tuesday and Sunday nights. These are typically the lowest occupancy days of the week, so we lower our rates to encourage bookings. You can usually get these nights for a great bargain! Seasonality matters too. Summer tends to be the busier season for most of the eight Legacy Vacation Club locations and thus rates tend to be higher than off seasons.

Additionally, if you want to be spontaneous and plan something at the last minute, we are here for you as Legacy Vacation Club where we offer last minute bookings that are easy to book and save you money!

Like we said, online agencies are great for research and comparison purposes. So once you are ready to book, go straight to or call us at (866) 507-1429 where you will receive the utmost of care and personal touches that you deserve!

From our four beautiful destinations in Florida to Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Reno, Nevada and a beachfront resort on the New Jersey Shore, we are all about building cherished memories at a fraction of the cost of a hotel stay. Our accommodations are designed to meet your family’s needs and provide affordable vacation escapes with conveniences like kitchenettes or full kitchens and washer/dryers. You choose the time, place and length of stay, and we’ll handle the rest.

So go ahead, dream a little…

Legacy Vacation Club will make your perfect holiday a reality.


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