10,000 Pounds of Plastic Gone!

Have you heard? Legacy Vacation Resorts is the first B-Corp certified, multi-state hospitality company in the US. Not sure what this means? In simple terms, we are committed to helping our communities, employees, and the environment. We give back 1% of our annual revenue to 1% for the Planet as well as offset the carbon footprint incurred from your stay.  We want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

For many years, plastic has provided various solutions to the public. However, despite its benefits, plastic is virtually indestructible and the amount of plastic that has built up over the years increases at a rate faster than its ability to break down. This poses a detrimental threat to the natural environment. Last year alone, National Geographic reported that 91% of plastic ever produced has become waste. Experts estimate that more than eight million tons of plastics leak into the world’s oceans each year.

Our sustainable initiatives have taken off and are in full swing. As a company, we have committed to removing plastics, and specifically eliminating all single-use plastics from our resorts. Our initiatives included:

    1. Removing all single-use toiletries from guest bathrooms and replaced them with refillable soap/shampoo dispensers. By doing so, we have contributed to removing over 10,000 lbs of plastic bottles from our resorts.

    2. Upon check-in, we offer a reusable Legacy Vacation Resorts water bottle to not only serve as a memorable keepsake but to be used throughout their stay at one of our many filling stations.
      • Since the program’s conceptions, 2,565 reusable bottles have been given to our resort’s guests.
      • The average human needs 64 oz. of water/day → that’s 4 plastic bottles/day or 1,460/year.
      • If our guests replaced just 1 plastic bottle a day with our reusable one → saves ~ 900,000 plastic bottles per year.
    1. Removed single-use plastic water bottles from our hotel marketplaces

What’s next? We plan on transitioning all of our resorts to sustainable hotel keys within the next year. This switch will include removing plastic key-cards to eco-friendly options of recycled paper or wood.

We are living a sustainable legacy and pledge to continue being a force for good. Want to learn more about our initiatives? Click Here to view our Sustainability Roadmap, targets, goals, and future initiatives.